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Cocktail Workshop


Per person

Cocktail Workshop € 28,50

Per person

Cocktail workshop and unlimited grill € 57,00 Arrangement including drinks € 70,00

This arrangement is VAT included and only possible from 18 years or above.

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Shaking, stirring, blending or straining? Mojito, Mai-Tai, Jellyfish or Cosmopolitan? During the cocktail workshop you will get a clear view into the world of cocktails. How does taste work? What are the upcoming trends? You will learn about the origin, techniques, preparation and the ingredients. But above all; it’s about the applicability. You wont run out of idea’s to experiment, even if you have joined a cocktail workshop before. Try to find new possibilities together with a professional bartender. Discover the world of the cocktails under guidance and experiment with new creations!

The cocktail workshop is especially suited for a company outing or a bachelor party. The secret behind that perfect Mojito, Caipirinha, Margarita or Sex on the Beach will be discussed. Alcoholic drinks as well as non-alcoholic drinks can be made.

Believe us: With recipes that you learn during the workshop, you will become a must-have at every party!

Important to know:
  • You need a minimum of 15 people to participate
  • The workshop lasts 1,5 hours
  • The minimum age to participate is 18
The workshop consists of:
  • An introduction in the world of cocktails
  • How does storytelling affect your sense of taste?
  • How do you measure ingredients?
  • Do’s and dont’s when you’re preparing a cocktail
  • Demo by a professional bartender
  • Mixing by yourself!
The workshop includes:
  • Strong drinks (Rum, Vodka, Gin, Tequila etc.)
  • Liquors (Triple Sec, Amaretto etc.)
  • Fresh ingredients (Fruit, spices)
  • Additives / aroma’s
  • Bar tools
  • Decorated ‘cocktailstations’
Dyan Tjon

We are in collaboration with Dyan Tjon from Because of the collaboration we have his expertise when it comes to cocktails, this way we can make sure that we can meet the wishes and expectations of our guests.


The cocktail workshop can easily be combined with other arrangements. Upstairs we have a restaurant, this is the starting point of many different activities. This is why you can easily and quickly expand the workshop with another activity, a nice dinner or just have a drink. We would love to help!

Location and parking

The location of this activity is at the Parkhaven, opposite the Euromast (Navigational address: Parkhaven 9). At the ship ‘De Zwarte Zwaan’ you’ll find our lasertag arena and the escape room of Escaping Rotterdam.

The Parkhaven can be easily reached by public transportation and there are enough (paid) parking places available. For more information about our location check the ‘Location and parking‘ page.

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